Ceramics Degree


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Ceramics – A.A. Degree

A major in ceramics provides the necessary technical knowledge, skills, and aesthetic judgment to students transferring to four-year institutions or professional art schools. The major can lead to a career in industrial design, artist, or as a technician. A student will have skills to obtain entry level positions as an educator/technician or sole proprietor for a business.

Upon completion of this program a student will be able to:
1. Demonstrate ability to load, fire, and unload, gas, and electric kilns
2. Formulate and mix glazes as well as test and evaluate the results.
3. Produce work using the potter's wheel as well as creating work using hand building techniques.

Start you own business; employed as production potter; ceramicist; technician at a school or community center; teach
at community center; add to teaching credential abilities.