Laney Classified Senate

The classified staff of Laney College, do hereby establish the Laney College Classified Senate to promote the participation of classified colleagues at the campus and district level, and to enhance our professional growth and development.


The Classified Senate promotes classified staff participation in the Laney College participatory governance structure to ensure that the collective interests of the classified staff are represented before or on each governing body.


1. Provide a means through which the classified staff will coordinate with administration and faculty to assure opportunities for input from classified staff regarding college business and classified representation on college committees, thus assisting in the shared governance process;

2. Provide a body representing the needs, concerns, and viewpoints of the classified staff, not related to union negotiation matters;

3. Articulate the professionalism of the classified staff so that it is properly recognized and valued;

4. Provide an opportunity for enhancing the democratic process of governance at Laney College;

5. Provide an opportunity to develop individual leadership among the classified staff, as well as increase the professional standards of its members;

6. Promote and support activities that develop or increase the skills, productivity, and professionalism of the classified staff;

7. Promote the interests of the classified staff in the development and formulation of policy and practice related, but not limited to, the following:

• Selection and retention of administration;

• In-service education and training;

• Facilities and services;

• Student/classified and faculty/classified relations;

• Finance and budget.

2023 – 2024

President: Hope Lane

Vice President: Katrina Santos

Secretary: Danielle Burroughs

Parliamentarian: Gary Mei

Publicist: Vacant

Treasurer: Vincent Garrett

Senator: Janice Brown

Senator: Jacqueline Trotter

Senator: Vacant