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Building Codes and Inspections (Certificate of Proficiency)

Building Codes and Inspections (Certificate of Proficiency)

Students will be able to find successful employment in construction and construction related professions in design, construction, subcontracting, administrative support and supplier vendors. Many Bay Area companies look for specific students with inspection capabilities to work in the Facilities Departments and general contractors seek out students with compliance knowledge and experience.

Career Opportunities
The Building Codes and Inspections program provides in depth knowledge of the uniform building codes, mechanical codes, electrical codes, plumbing codes, seismic codes, and energy codes that govern all construction projects in California. These codes form the basis of the standards of quality to which architects, engineers, and contractors must adhere. This constantly evolving and critical field undergirds the health, safety and livability of our built environment. The program provides access to a very strong field of employment in cities, counties, and consulting firms for inspections, code compliance, code development, code enforcement, and related fields.

Course # Course Title Units
CONMT 12 Uniform Building Codes I 3
CONMT 15 Electrical Code Inspections 3
CONMT 16 Plumbing Code Inspections 3
CONMT 22 Uniform Building Codes II 3
CONMT 14 Mechanical Code Inspections 3
CONMT 17 Seismic Code Inspections 2.5
Total Required Units 17.5


Upon completion of this program a student will be able to:
• Communication: Cite, list, and write effectively to communicate the intent of construction management and inspection services.
• Critical Thinking: Create a work plan, construct a project management plan of execution and design a schedule for execution of construction.
• Technical Skills: Create, assemble, and generate relevant, technical reports on real world projects and construction project simulations.