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Laney College offers the lower division engineering major preparation courses as well as the science and mathematics courses required for transfer in good standing to colleges and universities across California and the U.S.

Course Offerings for 2018-2019

Fall 2018

ENGIN 18 – Introduction to Electrical Engineering

ENGIN 22 – Engineering Graphics

ENGIN 35 – Statics

ENGIN 45 – Properties of Materials

Spring 2019

ENGIN 35 – Engineering Mechanics – Statics

ENGIN 36 – Mechanics of Materials

ENGIN 77 – Computer Programming for Engineers using MATLAB


Because specific requirements vary among colleges and universities and between majors in different branches of engineering, students seeking transfer with an engineering major should consult with a Laney counselor to develop an appropriate Student Education Plan (SEP) and review CSU and UC engineering articulation agreements via the ASSIST website (www.assist.org) to ensure that all required courses for the major are completed.