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Math Lab


Due To COVID-19, Only online tutoring will be provided until further notice! (To learn more, please visit https://web.peralta.edu/health-services/coronavirus/)

**Summer Session Online Hours**
June 15th - July 23rd
Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 7PM
Friday: Closed

**Statistics Hours**
Monday - Thursday: 9AM - 7PM

Email: laney-mathlab@peralta.edu (Preferred)
Join Your Zoom Meeting here https://zoom.us/j/4685508497
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**Sign-In Sheet**
Please fill out and submit the form below to join your online tutoring session. Note that you'll need to have access to Zoom.app.
(email us at laney-mathlab@peralta.edu for any issue or question that you may have)

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1) You'll receive an email from laney-mathlab@peralta.edu with instructions to join a 20 min Zoom meeting.

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About The Math Lab

The Math Lab was created as a mathematics self-paced course facility. Now the Math Lab also operates as the department “information center” and offers drop-in tutoring for all math classes/problems. The Math Lab offers the following resources for students:

  • Student tutors at all times, and one instructor on duty during selected hours, to assist students on a drop-in basis
  • Table space and 20 computers for use (no printing)
  • Textbooks available for checkout and use within the lab (photo ID is required, and we do not have a photocopier)
  • Calculators available for checkout (photo ID required), expected to be returned within the same day.
  • Instructor contact information and mailboxes (in addition to the tower mailboxes)

Please use the following links to navigate through Math Lab information within this web blog.

  1. Self-Paced Course Information (Math 210, 211, 220)
  2. Laney Math Lab Booklet
  3. Getting Started in the Math Lab (general students)
  4. How to get tutoring (all students)
  5. Job opportunities