Math Department Jobs


The Laney College Math Department employs mathematics professionals as instructors and students as tutors.

Faculty Positions

Full-time, tenure track faculty positions in the Math Department, when they become available, are advertised on the Peralta Community College District website. Full details about minimum qualifications, desirable qualifications, application procedures, and deadline dates are included on the website.

The Math Department also employs a large number of adjunct faculty members. All adjunct faculty members must have the minimum qualifications to teach community college level math courses as defined by the State of California. If you are interested in applying for an adjunct position, you should contact the Department Chair by email attaching a resume of your qualifications. You can also contact the Department Chair by phone by calling the Math Lab at 510-464-3448.

Student Tutor Positions

At Laney, we hire student tutors for mathematics and statistics. On campus we have a beloved space for math & stats tutoring, called the Math Lab, located in G-201. Most of our tutors work there and help students with many different classes, both in-person and on Zoom. We also hire Embedded Tutors, who work with just a single class (e.g. Calculus I) or a single instructor. Working as a tutor is great for students who want to master their knowledge of mathematics and statistics. If you have taken any math or stats classes and received good grades (A or B) in them, you may apply to become a tutor.

The tutors get paid $16.50/hour, for a maximum of 20 hours/week during the semester. If you work somewhere else in the Peralta Community College district at the same time, you can only have a combined total of 20 hours per week. During each semester you work as a tutor in the Laney Math Lab, you must be enrolled in at least one class (can be a non-credit class) at one of the Peralta colleges. There is a mandatory paid training session at the beginning of each semester.

The best times to apply are at the beginning or end of Summer. We usually hire people for the Fall Semester who work throughout the academic year. Occasionally we hire tutors mid-semester, but this is rare. You may apply at any time though.

To apply, fill out a Tutor Application Form. If you have any questions, email the Math Lab Techs (Gina & Haley) at