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Graphic Arts Advisory Board


The Graphic Arts Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is composed of accomplished experts in their fields offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives.

The function of an advisory board is to lend their expertise in identifying current and future trends in the graphic/web design and digital media industries and to provide strategies for success that support the mission of the Graphic Arts Department and Laney College.

Advisory Board Members

Daniela Nikolaeva: GRART Board Chair (2024) and
DaNi Design Art, and Co-Chair/Instructor GRART Dept.
David Santamaria: Co-Chair/Instructor GRART Dept.
Carole Brown: Rio Vista Graphics design company
former instructor GRART Dept
Geoffrey Boyarsky: Graphic Designer
Michael Carabetta: Graphic Artist and
Creative Director of Chronicle Books Emeritus 
Carolyn Janssen: Graphic Artists and Instructor
Michael Jay: Graphic Designer and Instructor in the GRART Dept.
former instructor GRART Dept
Aaron Marcus: User-interface and information-visualization designer and
owner of
Aaron Marcus and Associates, Inc a user-interface design and consulting company 
Kevin Richardson: Animator
Robert Wall: Animator
Lauren Zimmerman: Graphic Designer former instructor GRART Dept

Our advisory board meets on campus or online to discuss, job placement, internships, and industry demands for skilled professionals. The members of the advisory board provide recommendations about the direction of the graphic arts department – the need for new classes, skill-building workshops, and new certificates and degrees that will transform our students’ lives and will prepare them for a successful career in graphic arts.