Book Recommendations

About Love: Reinventing Romance for Our Times

Analects of Confucius

Anna’s Book

A Record of Meetings

Awakened Dreams

Bhagavad Gita

Conversations with God

Daughter of Fire


The Epic of Gilgamesh

Fear and Trembling

Freedom from the Known

Gang Leader for a Day

Gospel of Judas

Gospel of Marty Magdalene

In Search of the Miraculous

In The Light of Truth

Learning How to Learn

Mr. God, This is Anna

On Liberty

Our Lives with Mr. Gurdjieff

Plato’s Dialogues

Tao Te Ching

The Death of Ivan Ilych

The Gospels

The Invisible Way

The psychology of man’s possible evolution

The Quran

The Strange life of Ivan Osokin

The Sufis

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Tibetan Book of the Dead