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Orientation Times for Math Lab Students

Orientation Times for Math Lab Students

All students enrolling in Math 210A or Math 211A for the first time MUST sign up for an orientation!  If you do not attend an orientation and you are not registered for our MathXL course by 2/1/2020, you will be dropped from class.

Tentative Orientation Times for Spring 2020!

If you are new to the math lab and enrolling in Math 210A or Math 211A, you will need to sign up for an orientation. Tentative times are listed below (they are subject to change, based on if classrooms are available, so PLEASE, check again as we get closer to the start of classes to be certain that times have not changed!):

I have not yet been able to confirm 100% that I can use the classrooms identified, so please check back here before you come! I will update this website when I know for sure and I will take out the ambiguous language:

Wednesday, 1/22: 6-7 pm in G-205

Tuesday, 1/28: 12 – 1 pm in G-205

Please RSVP the time you would like to attend either in the math lab (written, in person) or via email (  If you do not sign up for and attend an orientation, I will drop you from this class on 2/1/2020.  You can always re-enroll later, but I don’t want students who really don’t want to take the course to get W’s.  You can email me at to reserve a spot. 

If you have already taken the course before and believe you should be exempt from orientation, email me to tell me why and I’ll let you know if you can skip.

If you cannot make any time, please email me and I will try to meet with you to make sure you know how the class is set up, or you can pick up materials from the math lab and enroll yourself in MathXL.  So long as you are on my MathXL roster by 2/1/20, you will NOT be dropped!!

If possible, come to orientation with an access code – if you do, you will be 100% set up by the end of our orientation!  I look forward to meeting you soon!