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Statistics, Fall 2019

Statistics, Fall 2019


If you are in my Statistics class this Spring at Laney College, you’re in the right place!  I have created this web site  for YOU!

We will be using an ONLINE, reduced cost textbook ($20) for this course through the website: oli.cmu.edu.  Our Course Key is: StatsFall19, BUT I’m going to give Canvas a shot this semester, so you MUST access our course through Canvas!  Don’t worry!  If you don’t know how to do that, we can do it together on the first day of class!!

If you are not yet enrolled, but want to keep up with the course in hopes that you will be enrolled, you can register at oli.cmu.edu with one of my old course keys (Math13Spr17), but the course is ordered differently (it was free, though) and it will be annoying for a bit!  But it is a way for you to keep up with the course and it will only be until you are added and can access our Canvas course.  READ MODULE 7 FOR 8/21!

Class Links:

You can find any documents from our class (like handouts, quizzes, tests, solutions,…) on this website!   If you want to know what we cover in class or when assignments are due, please check the Class Blog (It’s like a diary of what we did in class and what is due from each class meeting).

Class Blog (This will be a log of what we do EVERY day in class – find out assignments and due dates here)

Notes from Class (These are notes taken by student volunteers from class.  I will try to post these as soon as I get them.)

Online Statistics Calculators (We will use these for the Normal Distribution – Module 17 through the end of our class.)

Statistics Tutoring Options – DON’T HAVE YET!!!! (Lists the days/times of statistics tutoring in the math lab, along with the times our tutors from class will be there)

Class Documents and Handouts (syllabus, calendar, handouts from class and from last semester)

How to Use Your Calculator for Statistics (Some directions for some calculators – feel free to ask for assistance if you cannot figure out how to use your own calculator!)

Helpful Videos to Support Our Class (Some directions on how to perform calculations or create displays, some concepts from class explained, as well as an intro to google docs/sheets)

Practice Tests and Quizzes with Solutions from Last Semester  (All of the tests and quizzes I gave last semester for this class.)

Quizzes and Test from This Semester (All of the tests and quizzes we take this semester will be posted on this page, along with solutions AFTER I grade your quizzes/tests.)

Grades Listed by Codename (I will ask you for a codename on the part of the syllabus you turn in to me)