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Community and Labor Studies

Community and Labor Studies

This program is designed to offer both background and current trends in labor, community and social justice organizing. This includes labor-management issues and relations, union, worker collective and community organizing and social justice movement building.

Interested students apply to the college & enroll in Community and Labor Studies classes.

Earn a Certificate of Completion in Labor Studies! Students have the options of Track A or Track B

Here are the required 21 units of classes needed for Track A:

  • LABST 010 American Labor Movement (3 units)
  • LABST 012 Collective Bargaining (3 units)
  • LABST 013 Labor Economics for Labor & Community Leaders (3 units)
  • LABST 014 Grievance Handling & Arbitration (3 units)
  • LABST 030 Labor Law (3 units)
  • Plus six (6) units of Labor Studies elective units

Here are the required 18 units of classes needed for Track B (Starting Fall 2018 Semester):

  • CLABST (cross listed with ETHST 14) Community Building and Transformation in Urban America  (3 units)
  • CLABST Social Justice Movements and People’s Struggles: Global Resistance, Rebellion and Revolution (3 units)
  • CLABST Cultural Resistance: Cultural Expression, Production and Performance in Social Justice Movements and People’s Struggles (3 units)
  • CLABST Practicum and Field Study (3 units)
  • Plus 6 elective units: Any course from Track B; GLST Introduction to Global Studies; CLABST Political Economy; or any Ethnic Studies course.

Earn an Associate Arts degree in Labor Studies by completing the above classes, plus the required general education classes.

Labor Studies Classes for Spring 2018

LABST 010: American Labor Movement – Mondays 6-8:50pm

LABST 012: Collective Bargaining Wednesdays 6-8:50pm

For More Information contact Paul Bolick-Mausisa at