A little about Prof. Laurie


I am a scientist, mother, explorer, dancer, teacher, and wife (in no particular order). I love to be outside, to eat, to meet new people, and to do new things. I have been teaching since 1994, albeit that was swimming lessons. I started teaching at the college level in 2002 during my Masters program at Cal State Northridge and then at the community college level in 2007 at Cypress College in Southern California. I’ve been teaching in the Peralta district since 2009. I love the small classes we have here at Laney, and I do not miss the large classes I had to take as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

I am from the east bay originally, but I’ve lived in Colorado, St. Thomas, and Alaska.  I’ve been 14,000 feet in elevation in Colorado, and 120 feet underwater in the Caribbean.

I love teaching because I love meeting new people and opening their minds to biology and science in general. I have taught everything from introductory biology, to coral reef ecology, from environmental science to anatomy & physiology. I am a renaissance woman of science.  I work as hard as I can, when I Prof. Laurie computer in lab while sitting in carcan (hence the picture of me working in the car with my son) because I know my students do the same.



Since coming to Laney, I have been teaching Biology 24: Basic Human Anatomy & Physiology, Biology 20 A/B: Anatomy and Physiology, Biology 28: Human Nutrition, Biol 10: Introductory Biology, Biol 11: Introductory Biology (lecture only), Biol 201/202: Medical Terminology I/II

I am an active participant in my own education to be the best teacher I can be. To that end I am a committed member of CCB FEST out of San Francisco State University. I also participated in professional development that drives a student centered learning environment such as participating in SABER West meetings,  CURE workshops, Black Minds Matter workshops, and more.


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