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Green/Blue Books? But this isn’t a writing class!

Green/Blue Books? But this isn’t a writing class!

Yes and no. Scientists do a lot of writing; think academic journals, blogs, textbooks, press releases, and more. Furthermore, you will do a lot of writing in your life, like emails, FB posts, blogs, and more! Green/Blue book activities give you the opportunity to express what you know in writing. During lectures, I will present you with a question or statement about a concept that you will write about in your Green/Blue book. I will mark your response with either a GREEN check mark or RED check mark, and give it back to you. What do these mean?

GREEN: Great work! Your response was well supported with biological evidence and totally or mostly correct. This is worth 5 points.

RED: Thanks for sharing your ideas! Your response was incomplete, a little off topic, or lacked biological evidence. This is worth 1 point. You can revise your answer! Talk to your classmates or me then turn in your original ideas with your new ones, and you can increase your score up to 4 points.


What’s the point?

  1. A low stakes way to share what you know
  2. Allow you a chance to think through your ideas,
  3. Provide me with an idea of your understanding of the concepts we cover in class,
  4. You get points for learning if you were not 100% correct the first time through a concept! The revisions allow you to think through your own misconceptions, talk to your classmates, and get direct feedback from me.
  5. Serve as practical study tools for your exams.