Laney College

Information Dissemination

Information Dissemination

E-mails to Students

  • E-mail blasts with event or other information (counseling reminders, financial aid information, new/updated office hours, etc.) is sent to students every Monday.



  • Email event or other information on Fridays to:


Note: Emergency notifications or other time sensitive information can be sent to students as needed or at any time.



The following are types of email communication to students that the Public Information Officer can disseminate:

  • Information on events approved by the Office of Campus Life that are organized by the Associated Students of Laney College (ASLC) or another recognized student club.


  • Information on student-centered events organized by a department or faculty.


  • Emergency notifications that impact classes or student well-being and safety.


  • Information on class cancelations and classroom relocations.


  • Information regarding the state of campus facilities that may impact classroom instruction or study time.


  • Notification of changes to hours (including closures) for the various offices and departments on campus.


  • Registration information, including available/open classes.


  • Marketing and promotion of programs and individual classes as requested by College Administrators.


  • Communication to encourage student enrollment and registration.


  • Information to request student input for College related matters.


  • Official business, such as direct communication from the College President or PCCD Chancellor.


  • Any other information deemed important by the Office of Student Services (including Campus Life), Enrollment, the Office of Business and Administrative Services, or the Office of the President.


Please direct your questions to Larena Baldazo, Public Information Officer at