Ensembles Returning to Campus!!!

Laney Music ensembles are returning to campus this Fall (Aug. 23). Most other classes will be online until 2022. Please read on…

Courses in the Laney College Music Department are designed to fulfill the needs of music majors, professional musicians, and those whose interest is vocational or recreational. Laney College now offers four A.A. degrees and a variety of Certificates of Achievement. For Degree Requirements see the current Laney College Catalog or visit a counselor. Music Majors, please contact the department chair, John Reager.

*New-Jazz AA  (Fall 2022) and Music Industry AA degrees*

Music Department Events:

December 7th, 7PM: Laney’s Oakland City Chorus with the Purple Bamboo Orchestra. An inspiring mix of World Music, Spirituals, and Classical Music by two outstanding ensembles.

Laney’s Oakland City ChorusLift Every Voice and Sing
Great Wall Orchestra General’s Command (featured in Kamala Harris’ Inauguration Ball)

Future Live and Video Concerts will be posted on the Events page.