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Courses in the Laney College Music Department are designed to fulfill the needs of music majors, professional musicians, and those whose interest is vocational or recreational. Laney College now offers three separate music degrees:  Associate in Arts for Transfer degree, Associate in Arts degree (local and also transferable), and…
a brand new Music Industry Studies A.A. For Degree Requirements see the current Laney College Catalog or visit a counselor. For more information, contact Department Chair, John Reager.

Coming soon…Music Certificates of Achievement. For those not pursuing an Associate’s Degree, get the training you need without GE courses. Certificate will be available in Jazz, Music Theory, Musicianship, Music History, Music Industry Studies, and the catch-all Music Certificate of Achievement. Classes can count toward multiple awards including the AA degree, so you can collect them all without repeating courses.

Learn to Read Music! New classes in Music Skills (Music 121-124) provide a foundation for reading music at sight, music dictation and ear-training. It is highly recommended that these classes be taken in order, as they are both challenging and progressive. Music 100, 101, or instructor approval required.

Music Department Events: (Free Unless Marked Otherwise)

Sat., Feb. 2: Young People’s Symphony Orchestra. Berkeley First Church, 8 P.M. (for ticket information please visit the website)

Sat., March 9: Berkeley Youth Orchestra: Chamber Concert, 11AM Laney College Theater (see website for ticket prices)

Purple Bamboo Orchestra: TBA

Sat., April 27: Young People’s Symphony Orchestra. Berkeley First Church, 8 P.M. (for ticket information please visit the website)

Thurs. May 2, Student Recital: Laney students perform in G-189 at noon (free!).

Sat., May 11: Berkeley Youth Orchestra: Full Orchestra Concert, 11AM  Laney College Theater (see website for ticket prices)

Laney Jazz Orchestra: TBA

Laney Jazz Combos: TBA

Tues, May 21: Laney’s Oakland City Chorus. Mozart’s Coronation Mass, the world premier of Marty Stoddard’s Spring, and more. Laney College Theater, 7 P.M. General Admission $20, $10 Students/Seniors.

More Performance Dates Coming Soon!

Classes for General Students

Classes for Music Majors and Other Musicians