New Place to Look for Music Classes:

Music AND Commercial Music

Music Industry courses will now be listed under the discipline: Commercial Music or Music-CM.

Music-CM 1A, B, and C: Introduction to Electronic Music and MIDI

Music-CM 2A and B: Songwriting

Music-CM 3A and B: Live Sound

Music Department Events:

Monday May 16, 7PM: Laney Jazz Orchestra and Jazz Combos. FREE (Laney Theater)

Tuesday May 17, 7PM: Great Wall Youth Orchestra, Oakland City Chorus, and Laney Pop Music Ensemble. FREE (Laney Theater)

Music Degrees:

  • Chinese Music
  • Jazz
  • Music AA or AA-T
  • Music Industry (Commercial Music)

Courses in the Laney College Music Department are designed to fulfill the needs of music majors, professional musicians, and those whose interest is vocational or recreational. Laney College now offers four A.A. degrees and a variety of Certificates of Achievement. For Degree Requirements see the current Laney College Catalog or visit a counselor. Music Majors, please contact the department chair, John Reager.

Department Videos:

Oakland City Chorus and Great Wall Orchestra- Tale of a Small Town

Great Wall Orchestra- General’s Command (featured in Kamala Harris’ Inauguration Ball)

Future Live and Video Concerts will be posted on the Events page.