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Mark Simons

Mark Simons is a leading Bay Area guitarist and veteran member and co-director of the groundbreaking San Francisco Guitar Quartet. He is a devoted teacher with over three decades of professional experience providing supportive and effective instruction to students of all ages and ability levels. Recent activities include offering top level online guitar and ukulele lessons to individuals and groups.

Mr. Simons has performed internationally and released five highly lauded commercial recordings. Mark is a Fulbright scholar and has earned degrees with distinction from the New England Conservatory of Music, Tufts University, The University of Southern California, and the Johns Hopkins University – Peabody Conservatory.

Teaching philosophy: Music lies at the nexus of art and science. Beauty, passion, and poetry are balanced by logic, mathematical proportion, and form. Guitar music may be meditative, stimulating, communal, or solitary. Regardless of one’s aspirations, age, or current level of accomplishment, study of the guitar and music develops and rewards patience, persistence, and consistent effort. It challenges and develops our mental, physical, and expressive capacities.