Music History

Music History and Culture

Music History and Culture

Laney College offers courses in both Classical and Jazz Music History as well as courses in Chinese Music and Music of Latin America and the Caribbean. Courses may be taken in any order (for example, MUSIC 15B can be taken before MUSIC 15A).


Here are the requirements for the certificate program.

The Music History Certificate of Achievement covers a survey of over five thousand years of music history are its relevance to today’s music. Students will examine musical and social developments, major composers, technical developments, stylistic trends, and economic changes related to music. After completing this program, students will be to teach private lessons, compose music, or continue with their studies towards an associate degree.

Career Opportunities

Music teacher, performer, recording artist, promoter, arts management, arts administration.

Course Sequence

Music History (12 units)
MUSIC 8AMusic History: Antiquity Through the Renaissance3
MUSIC 8BMusic History: The Baroque and Classical Eras3
MUSIC 8CMusic History: The Romantic Era3
MUSIC 8DMusic History: The Twentieth Century Through the Present3

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • Analyze and examine the relationship between socio-economic forces and musical developments.
  • Analyze recorded musical examples for historical relevance.
  • Distinguish major developments, people, and events of Music History.


John Reager

John Reager
Department Chair

Jay Lehmann

Jay Lehmann
Faculty of Music (Conducting, Theory, History, Winds and Brass)