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Welcome to Guitar at Laney College

Ron Galen, Instructor

The Guitar Program at Laney College accepts students at all levels from complete beginners to advanced. While the focus is on acquiring a solid foundation in classical technique and the ability to read music, the music we learn to play has a wide range, from simple folk music, popular songs, and student choices to classical masterpieces arranged for soloists and groups of various sizes. I believe it is equally important to learn to play by ear as well as by written music. Theory and improvisation is taught as playing facility advances. The logistics of a class of multiple levels all meeting together is accomplished by juggling groups of students in and out of practice rooms and the main classroom such that each student gets both lecture and lab hours during the 3 hour class time. (Levels I-IV; Music 105-108, 150*)

*Music Majors should take four semesters of 150 in order to qualify for the AA-T degree.

Video 1:Flor Amorosa, Ron Galen and Students

Video 2: Chorei

Video 3: Santa Morena

Video 4: Modinha

Video 5: Delicado