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Become a peer tutor at Laney

Become a peer tutor at Laney

Now hiring peer tutors!

Why become a tutor?


Our tutors have tremendous success with transfer to 4 year universities. Tutoring faculty and staff are knowledgable in the transfer process and can connect tutors with support networks and services that are found on and off campus.


All tutors receive training in tutoring techniques, collaborative study strategies, and culturally responsive strategies to support student success. Tutors work closely with faculty and staff members across disciplines and many tutors find that tutoring opens the door to more professional work and letters of recommendation.


Tutors can fit their work around their class schedules. Tutors may work in learning labs across campus, in the classroom with an instructor, or a mixture of both. Tutors can work up to 20 hours per week for the Peralta colleges.


Helping other students in the learning processes will challenge you to find new ways to explain and conceptualize concepts your discipline. This will help to build an even stronger foundation in your subject.


Helping others can be very rewarding work! Through tutoring you can gain confidence in explaining concepts while also exercising social and interpersonal skills like empathy and compassion, as you get to know Laney college students and the challenges that they might encounter. Tutors are equipped with knowledge about services offered by the college and our team provides a robust training to ensure that tutors take a well rounded approached that supports students’ academics with an attention to potential barriers and pathways to access.


The job pays $15.97 an hour, and most tutors start out working 3-4 hours a week, though you can work up to 20 hours/week if your availability permits.

What steps should I take if I am interested?

  1. Be enrolled in at least one class (non-credit included) at the Peralta colleges, have a “B” or better in the subject you want to tutor or a faculty recommendation.
  2. Complete this linked tutor interest form.
  3. Email the tutoring manager to set up an appointment for an informal interview and to answer any questions you have about the opportunity: Jennifer Gerry,

Tutoring Job Announcement Flyer

For more information, please email the tutoring project manager Jennifer Gerry,