Welding Technology Degree

Welding Technology Degree


For an Associate of Science in Welding Technology, complete the Welding Program plus all General Education Requirements

For a Certificate of Achievement in Welding Technology, complete all courses in the Welding Program

Students can also specialize in a specific welding process, with the potential to certify to AWS code D1.1

Welding Program

Required Courses Units
MACH 205 Engineering Drawings for Machinists, Welders and Industrial Maintenance Technician 3
WELD 203A Beginning Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 3
WELD 204A Wire Feed Welding 3
WELD 205 Introduction to Welding 3
WELD 211A Arc Welding I 3

Plus a total of 9 units required from 3 of the following courses

Subtotal 15
WELD 203B Intermediate Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 3
WELD 203C Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 3
WELD 204B Wire Feed Welding 3
WELD 211B Arc Welding 3
WELD 221A Acetylene Welding 3
Subtotal 9

Recommended Courses

Total Required Units 24
MATH 202 Geometry 3
MATH 251A Arithmetic 1
MATH 251B Arithmetic 1
MATH 251C Arithmetic 1
MATH 251D Arithmetic 1