Laney College

Laney Participatory Governance

Participatory Governance

Statement of Purpose

Participatory Governance at Laney College is designed to ensure that all segments of the college campus are included and empowered in the decision-making process, by fostering more open and effective communication. Through the mechanism of Participatory Governance, Laney College will strive to achieve the highest level of collaboration and consensus possible in planning and decision-making processes.

Laney College is committed to Participatory Governance because it:

  • leads to the highest level of quality work and the wisest decisions because it draws on the knowledge and expertise of all constituencies
  • leads to a widespread support for decisions because a good process resolves differences and leads to “win-win” decisions.
  • builds a sense of community by bridging differences, committing to honesty and trust in working relationships, and offering the opportunity to learn about each other’s point of view.
  • promotes collegial collaboration among all college constituencies and provides everyone an opportunity to participate in decision-making.
  • empowers participants by use of open communication, diverse ideas and innovation in college policies and procedures by honoring the voices and expertise of each individual.

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