Laney College Faculty Senate


In order that the faculty may participate effectively in the formation of district educational and professional policies and in the selection of major administrative personnel and faculty for the Peralta Community College District, the Laney College Faculty Senate (an organization formed in accordance with Section 131.6 of Title 5 of the California Administrative Code) shall make recommendations to the College Administrators, District Academic Senate (DAS), district administration and/or the Peralta District Board of Trustees on matters of educational and professional significance pertinent to the College and/or the District. (Article I of the Faculty Senate Constitution)

The functions of the Faculty Senate are delineated in Article IV of its Constitution.

The Ten-Plus-One (10 + 1)

Per California Education Code, the Faculty Senate has the responsibility to make recommendations with respect to academic and professional matters. These are the areas of work that the faculty senate deals with. They are called “10+1.” (More information can be found on the Statewide ASCCC website in the Quick Links list at the left.)

  1. Curriculum, including establishing prerequisites.
  2. Degree and certificate requirements.
  3. Grading policies.
  4. Educational program development.
  5. Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success.
  6. College governance structures, as related to faculty roles.
  7. Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes.
  8. Policies for faculty professional development activities.
  9. Processes for program review.
  10. Processes for institutional planning and budget development.
  11. Other academic and professional matters as mutually agreed upon between the governing board and the academic senate.

Other Areas Assigned to the Academic Senate per California Education Code

  • Equivalency
  • Faculty Hiring
  • Administrative Retreat Rights
  • Tenure Evaluation (exclusive representative shall consult)
  • Evaluation (exclusive representative shall consult)
  • Faculty Service Areas (exclusive representative shall consult)

Brown Bag Meetings

Faculty Senate Brown Bags are informal sessions focusing on topics of special interest to faculty.