Participatory Governance

Statement of Purpose

Participatory governance at Laney College is designed to maximize inclusive decision-making by fostering more open and effective communication. Through the mechanism of participatory governance, Laney College strives to achieve the highest level of collaboration and consensus possible in planning and implementation processes.

Laney College values participatory governance because it:

  • Draws on the knowledge and expertise of all constituencies;
  • Fosters collegial collaboration among members of the college community and provides everyone an opportunity to participate in decision making;
  • Promotes shared learning opportunities pertaining to priorities, processes, and procedures of the college.

Participatory Governance and Organization Manual (PGOM) – Updated as of 2.6.24

Updated as of 2.9.24

Our Vision

Dream. Flourish. Succeed.

Our Mission

Laney College’s mission is to empower our community and to promote student success and social justice. We welcome and embrace Laney’s diversity through serving the community’s needs by providing certificates, degrees, transfer pathways, career education, and lifelong learning opportunities.

Our Values

Accountability:  We are individually and collectively responsible for achieving the highest levels of performance in helping students acquire the necessary skills and abilities to earn associate degrees, certificates, transfer, and careers. We continually evaluate ourselves in an effort to improve our effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the educational needs of our community.

Appreciation: We recognize the value of the efforts put forth by all of our students and employees. We foster student and employee growth through professional and personal development.

Collaboration: We work cooperatively in a shared governance environment and value individual ability and diversity in thinking as essential to promote open communication, active participation, exchange of ideas and collaborative decision-making.

Competence: We share a commitment to performing our work assignments with excellence and continuous improvement. We emphasize doing our best in teaching, learning, student achievement, administrative practices, and delivery of support service.

Diversity: We are a multicultural and diverse organization with an enriching blend of people and ideas. Laney is a place for all people and has an environment devoted to fostering and embracing the diversity of our students and employees.

Equity: We work to provide every student and employees with what they need to succeed, and work to remove structural barriers to education.

Innovation: We encourage and support creativity, collaboration, and risk-taking. We foster and promote innovation in the design, development, support, delivery, and management of all programs and services.

Integrity: We are committed to nurturing campus trust by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Respect and Civility: We demonstrate a commitment to the value of each individual through trust, cooperation, and teamwork. We recognize the worth of each individual and their ideas and treat each other and those we we serve fairly, with compassion and with esteem.