Laney College

Academic Support Committee

Academic Support Committee



Meeting Times for Spring 2020

The Academic Support Committee (formerly the Foundation Skills Committee) meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month

The meetings take place from 2:00-3:30 pm over Zoom.

Zoom link can be obtained by emailing the committee co-chair, Ian Latta at

Charge of the Academic Support Committee (as approved by College Council in fall 2019):

  • Identify and implement strategies to
    improve the success rates in English, ESOL,
    and math


 Acquire input from students, instructors,
counselors, and student services to
identify needs that are common
among students that are underprepared for transfer-level coursework
 Create a plan for equitably supporting
student success in English, Math, and
ESOL, both credit and noncredit
 Identify grant opportunities, review and
make recommendations on grant
proposals addressing committee
 Determine budget priorities and
allocation of committee funds
 Ensure the integration of the committee
plans with the plans for student equity
and other related grant-funded and
categorical programs
 Facilitate participation of student
representatives to help identify and
accomplish committee goals
 Evaluate proposals for their merit in
helping support student success in
college-level coursework
 Review data pertaining to student
success in activities supported by the
Committee, such as support classes
and tutoring
 Support student independence,
metacognitive development, and
writing skills
 Support tutoring resources throughout
the College
 Ensure alignment of Committee plans
with the College’s integrated plan,
Guided Pathways and accreditation