Student Support and Equity

Student Support & Equity Committee



The Student Support and Equity Committee (SSE) will advance the visions and goals of the Laney College EMP/SEM/Student Equity Plans and the State Chancellor’s Vision for Success. The purpose of the SSE Committee is to provide a platform for communication and collaboration across the College that will result in the coordinated efforts towards the Educational Master Plan, Strategic Enrollment Management Plan and Equity Plans with an equity lens.


  • Facilitate the alignment of college initiatives that promote student success and reduce equity gaps for disproportionately impacted communities with the State Chancellor’s Vision for Success goals.
  • Provide a venue for dialogue so as to fully inform and integrate onboarding and retention efforts towards student success.
  • Support institutional collaboration and alignment of the Laney College Guided Pathway and Student Equity Plans.
  • In partnership with the Budget Advisory Committee, review initiatives and programs funded through the Student Equity and Achievement Program.

Agendas and Minutes