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ASLCs Charge

ASLCs Charge


ASLCs Charge

(charge refers to the specific mission, objectives, or tasks assigned to a committee/senate, outlining its purpose and scope of responsibilities)

Section 51023.7 in Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations states that the governing board of a community college district shall provide students with “an opportunity to participate in formulation and development of district and college policies and procedures that have or will have a significant effect on students.”

These policies and procedures include:

  1. Grading policies;
  2. Codes of student conduct;
  3. Academic disciplinary policies;
  4. Curriculum development;
  5. Course or programs that should be initiated or discontinued;
  6. Processes for institutional planning and budget development;
  7. Standards and policies regarding student preparation and success;
  8. Student services planning and development;
  9. Student fees within the authority of the district to adopt; and
  10. Any other district and college policy, procedure or related matter that the district governing board determines will have a significant effect on students.

View the full text of Section 51023.7.



Official ASLC meetings are held on Mondays 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., in the Student Center, Rm. 401 (4th floor)


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