Adult Education


The Adult Education Program is a consortium of Community Colleges and Adult Schools in collaboration with Community Based Organizations to enable adults (18+) to advance education, obtain employment, and improve wages through a comprehensive California partnership.

Are you a new or returning student who would like assistance transitioning into college?

Are you seeking new skills for a promotion or a new career pathway?

Do you want to improve your English Language skills?

If so, the Laney College Adult Education Program is the right first step!

We can assist you in completing the steps to get you on the path towards your goals.

The Adult Education Program at Laney College collaborates with community partners to support students to transition into the Peralta College system and achieve their goals. Below are some of our key community partners.

Upward Scholars is a Latinx-led organization that provides adult immigrants the boost they need to move up the economic ladder through education and career development support. To get started, complete the application here.

Lao Family Community Development (LFCD) assists diverse refugee, immigrant, limited English, and low-income U.S. born community members in achieving long-term financial and social self-sufficiency. LFCD offers assistance with employment, housing, ESL classes, financial literacy, homeownership education and foreclosure intervention, tax assistance, youth and senior programs, special crime victim assistance, and social adjustment.

The Unity Council  Our Mission is to promote social equity and improve quality of life by building vibrant communities where everyone can work, learn, and thrive. Affordable Housing & Properties. Career, Financial, and Housing Services. Programs for Children, Parents & Seniors. Small Businesses & Community Events. Youth Empowerment & Achievement.

The International Rescue Committee provides opportunities for refugees, asylees, victims of human trafficking, survivors of torture, and other immigrants to thrive in America. The IRC works with government bodies, civil society actors, and local volunteers to help them translate their past experiences into assets that are valuable to their new communities. In Oakland and other offices across the country, the IRC helps them to rebuild their lives.

Refugee & Immigrant Transitions (RIT), formerly Refugee Transitions, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit operating in the San Francisco Bay Area. RIT provides free education, family engagement, and community leadership programs. Our students have sought refuge due to war, violence, persecution, or economic duress.

NAAEC Northern Alameda Adult Education Collective (NAC) is one of California’s regional adult education consortia. The collective includes adult schools, community colleges and school districts, and offers an array of services. If students are seeking literacy skills, English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, a high school diploma or equivalence or career training, NAC has the right program.

Would you like to partner with us? Please contact us!

What is the Adult Education Program at Laney College?


Join the Adult Education Program

Please contact us if you are:

  • An adult student returning to school, transitioning to community college from an Adult School or a Community Based Organization.
  • A working adult who is interested in transitioning from one career to the next and a degree or certificate is needed to achieve that goal.
  • A student who is looking to enroll in our basic English classes and/or English for Work classes.
  • Interested in having an introductory meeting, program presentations, enrollment and financial aid assistance, and college tours.
  • A representative of an Adult School, Community Based Organization, Court or Community school, or any other entity interested
    in partnering with us.