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Bio 76

Bio 76

Bio 76 Principles of Biomanufacturing

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This course is designed to give students an overview of the science and practices in the field of biomanufacturing. We will learn about the development, production, recovery, and analysis of biotechnology products. The course traces the path of a drug or biologic from the cell through the production facility, the final processing, and into the human body. Growth characteristics of the organisms used to produce pharmaceutical proteins, the techniques used in product recovery, and the techniques used in product analysis will be addressed over the course of the semester.

Bio 76 is required for the biomanufacturing Certificate of Achievement and the A.S. degree in biomanufacturing at Laney College. Check out the Biomanufacturing program web page for more information on the program and requirements for the certificates and degree. If you have general questions about the Biomanufacturing program, please email the program coordinator, Dr. Leslie Blackie, at

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Required materials:

  • Textbook: Daugherty, Ellyn. Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium. Paradigm Publishing, Inc. Any edition (revised or not) will work and a used book is much cheaper than buying new. See this link on finding cheaper textbooks. Also, there are several copies of the textbook on reserve in the library.
  • Powerpoint notes posted on Canvas. You can print these for free at certain computer labs on campus. See the list here.