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Bio 75

Bio 75

Bio 75 Fundamentals of Biotechnology Lab

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This course is designed to give focused laboratory experience in key areas necessary for entry-level laboratory positions in the fields of biotechnology and biomanufacturing. Laboratory techniques that we will learn include: developing skillful use of lab instruments; learning how to keep a detailed lab notebook; becoming familiar with written protocols and standard laboratory procedures; protein purification and identification assays; and DNA isolation and analysis.

Bio 75 is required for both biomanufacturing certificates and the A.S. degree at Laney College. Check out the Biomanufacturing program web page for more information on the program and requirements for the certificates and degree. If you have general questions about the Biomanufacturing program, please email the program coordinator, Dr. Leslie Blackie, at Also, take a look at this summary of careers in biotech.

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Required materials:

  • “Lab Manual for Biology 75: Fundamentals of Biotechnology”. The lab manual is available as a reader in the bookstore or for download on Canvas.
  • Laboratory notebook (available in the bookstore for around $20).
  • Access to Canvas to get class announcements and print handouts.


The lab manual for Bio 75 is available as a reader from the bookstore for about $17, or you may view and print each lab directly from Canvas. See my list of open computer labs on campus where you can print for free. Please respect the per day page limits at these computer labs!

Sample lab notebook entry

Lab 1

Lab 2

Lab 3

More labs are available on Canvas.