Majoring in English -- with Guaranteed Transfer!

You can major in English at Laney, and earn an Associate of Arts Degree in English For Transfer, or AA-T: English.

This degree guarantees transfer admission to the California State University (CSU) system.

Beyond the ‘usual’ requirements for transfer and Associate Degrees (ENGL 1A & ENGL 5 – Critical Thinking), the AA-T requires the following courses (as part of a total of 60 units):

  • ENGL 1B — Composition & Reading (Literature) — offered EVERY SEMESTER
  • ENGL 30A — Early American Literature — next offered Fall 2023
  • ENGL 30B — Modern American Literature — offered NOW, Spring 2023  
  • and just ONE of the following classes:

ENGL 031 (Survey of African-American Literature) — offered NOW, Spring 2023

ENGL 010B (Creative Writing) — Students do NOT need to take 10A first! — offered NOW, Spring 2023 & Fall 2023 

ENGL 017A or B (Shakespeare) (not currently available)

M/LAT 036 (Survey of Latina/o Literature)

COMM 002A (The Fundamentals of Oral Interpretation of Literature)

JOURN 021 (Newswriting)

THEATRE ARTS 002 (Introduction to the Theatre Arts)

HERE is the complete “program outline” with a list of required and elective courses.

What Can I Do With A Major In . . . . . ?

This is an AWESOME site for exploring what an English major — or other majors — can lead to:
If you click on “English”, the following “Areas” are listed along with types of Employers and Strategies for getting well-qualified for jobs and careers in each field:

An English major is an excellent choice for students considering careers in

Public Relations, Law, Business, Advertising, Education/Teaching, Publishing, Technical Communication, Writing & Editing — or any career where strong writing and reasoning skills are required. 
from the website linked above:
  • A bachelor’s degree in English is very broad and is sufficient for entry-level positions in business and industry, as well as in areas such as entertainment, radio and television commentary, and museum work. Because English can lead to many different career paths, it is important to identify an area of interest and plan to gain the right skills, experiences, and credentials to enter that field.
  • A major in English is also good preparation for continued graduate or professional training in areas such as English, law, political science/government, public administration, communications, religious studies (e.g., seminary).

Language and Communication

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