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Major in English: AA-T – English

Majoring in English -- with Guaranteed Transfer!

Our department offers students an opportunity to major in English, and earn an Associate In Arts Degree In English For Transfer, or AA-T: English.

Students who earn this degree are guaranteed transfer admission to the California State University (CSU) system.

The degree requires only 3 or 4 more classes than those already required for transfer*:

  • English 1B — Composition & Reading (Literature-based – already required for transfer to UC’s and some others*)
  • English 30A — Early American Literature
  • English 30B — Modern American Literature
  • and ONE of the following classes in the English department or other departments:  ENGL 010B (Creative Writing), ENGL 017A or B (Shakespeare), ENGL 031 (Survey of African-American Literature), ENGL 043 (Introduction to the Study of Poetry), COMM 002A (The Fundamentals of Oral Interpretation of Literature), JOURN 021 (Newswriting), M/LAT 036 (Survey of Latina/o Literature), THEATRE ARTS 002 (Introduction to the Theatre Arts).

— The complete “program outline” with a list of required and elective courses is available HERE.

(*Please note: CSU’s already require English 1A & English 5 (Critical Thinking). UC’s require English 1A & English 1B.)


An English major is an excellent choice for students considering careers in





or any career where strong writing and reasoning skills are required.

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