Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts

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We’re back in the swing ready for the spring!
Check on all of the courses our the Graphic Arts Dept.
is offering this Spring Semester 2023.

Also offered this Semester:
Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Web Design,
Creative Process & Solution and more

Contact the Chair, Carole R. Brown,, for more details.

Mission Statement: The Laney College Graphic Arts Department provides a first-tier education in Graphic Arts at an affordable rate. The diversity of the multi-generational and multicultural population of students and faculty provides a unique learning experience. We teach graphic design and new-media skills using the latest software used in the print and online media industries. These tools include the Adobe Creative Cloud products: lnDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and web and animation technologies. We offer degree and certificate programs in Applied Graphic Design and digital media. We recently added a new animation certificate to our program. We are offering a mix of online, hybrid, and in-person classes in Spring 2022.

The Graphics Arts courses are uniquely suitable for online and hybrid courses with digital lectures, video tutorials, and online discussions

The online courses are taught remotely using Canvas and Zoom and the hybrid courses are taught 50% remotely using Canvas and Zoom and 50% in-class on the Laney campus In-person classes are taught fully masked with appropriate social distancing
Our instructors are available via Zoom and Canvas to answer questions and we have student tutors/TA who can provide extra help to our students. Laney College provides laptops and free access to software for those who need them.

Great News! 
Congratulations Graphic Arts Instructor,
Daniela Nikolaeva
Daniela was awarded a Sabbatical
for the Fall and Spring Semesters.
Earn a Degree or a Certificate in Graphic DesignCertificates/AA Degrees

Applied Graphic Design/Digital Imaging

The AA degree and certificate in Applied Graphic Design/Digital Imaging offer hands-on experience for students interested in combining artistic creativity and computer technology. Students receive practical experience in color theory, design elements and principles, computer software applications, and personal communication skills. Graphics in Motion

The Certificate of Proficiency in Graphics in Motion introduces students to the fundamental building blocks of animated filmmaking using art, animation principles, and personal creativity. Students will cover topics in basic drawing for animation; Disney’s 12 principles; timing and spacing of objects, nature, animals, and humans; and professional animation software.