Mental Health Services

How Can We Help?


  • 911
  • 988 for the new National Mental Health Crisis line
  • Alameda County Crisis Support Hotline: 1-800-309-2131
  • or go to the nearest emergency room.


We offer Mental Health Services Tuesdays – Thursdays, 9am- 5pm; Fridays by appointment only.

50 minute therapy sessions – Short-term individual therapy is available for Laney students through the Laney Mental Health team – SFSU and CSUEB Trainees and the Mental Health Specialist.  Laney students can use up to 8 sessions of individual therapy, where we help you see your strengths, develop solutions and learn new skills.

20 minute consultations – If you’re not sure if you need or want therapy, we invite you to try a shorter 20 minute mental health consultation.

Please complete this short REQUEST FORM to request individual therapy or a mental health consultation.

MENTAL HEALTH GROUPS  – get support from our mental health team and each other!

Asian/Asian-American Healing Circle – for students who have been impacted by the rise of anti-Asian violence in our community.  Every other Tuesdays, from 12-1pm, Room A120, starting Nov. 1.  Contact Sam Ho at or call 510-464-3332.  

LGBTQIA Mental Health Group – hosted by Erica Gibbons, every other Tuesday, starting Oct. 25, from 12-1. Register HERE, or email Erica Gibbons at

Pain Support Group – for students who have chronic pain impacting their every day life.  Fridays, from 12-1pm, Room A120. Contact Edgar Valladares at or call 510-464-3332.


Susan Yee, LCSW, Laney Mental Health Specialist (she/her)

I’m a second generation Oakland native/OUSD grad, Chinese American daughter, wife, mom and friend.  I am passionate about the integration of our physical and mental health, and believe in the power of our communities to help us heal.  I’ve been a teacher, manager and social worker/therapist here for almost 30 years and am grateful for my community.  I manage the Laney mental health services, provide consultations, therapy, groups and workshops, and facilitate our student Health Ambassador Team.  In my free time I have fun with my family which includes a partner, 2 human kids, 5 chickens and a dog.  I am learning to listen to plants and love to get outside.  You can listen to me talk with Laney President Besikoff about mental health on the President’s Podcast!

Danielle Martinez (she/her) 

My name is Daniela Martinez, I am a second-year, Master of Social Work student at Cal State East Bay – Hayward, a daughter of immigrant parents, and second-generation Bay Area native.  I began my journey in providing advocacy and support in mental health services while pursuing undergraduate degree in Therapeutic Recreation at San Jose State and have not slowed down. My biggest belief is that wellness happens on all levels, physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual, in whatever way feels right for the individual. I speak Spanish and am super excited to grow in education and community at Laney College! 

Edgar Valladares (he, him)

Three words to describe myself are respectful, compassionate, and dependable. I am in my second year in the Masters in Social Work program at Cal State East Bay, Hayward. I am from Oakland, CA, and plan to work in the mental health field and give support to different populations such as college students, war veterans, chronic pain patients, adults with intellectual disabilities, and many more. I want to work with clients to learn new coping strategies for life stressors and mental health issues.  I hope to specialize in different topics such as trauma, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance use. Lastly, I speak fluent Spanish. I look forward to working with the students at Laney College.

Lauren Nieraeth (she/her)

I am a multiracial daughter, sister, cousin, and friend that identifies as Mexican, Native American, Dutch- Indonesian, German, and Portuguese; born and raised in the Long Beach area. A few words that best describe me, are: Empathetic, Athletic, and Preparer. I have had the privilege of working with student athletes and marginalized young folks. I am passionate about cultivating genuine, trusting relationships that will allow space of encouragement for folks to dream outside of the lines set by their current situation and reach for way more than the limiting expectations of their reality. I am currently at San Francisco State University as a College and Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Training.  I am eager to gain the knowledge through my experiences on the intersectionality of physical performance and mental performance.  Let’s go Eagles!

Sam Ho (they, 他, él)

I’m a therapist in training currently attending the counseling program at SFSU, entering this field at the intersection of mental health advocacy and healing justice for marginalized folks. I believe that individual wellness is tied to the healing of our communities, and vice versa. I am passionate about uncovering the innate and wise connection between our minds and our bodies.  I identify as Taiwanese American from Peru and speak Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Some values I bring to the therapy room include warmth, humor, curiosity, and meeting each person right where they are. I love curating playlists and memes and cooking for my friends and family. I’m excited to get to know the amazing community of students at Laney!



Eliseo Lopez – (he/him)

I am a second year student in the Peralta system studying to have a career in mental health, born and raised in Berkeley. A few words to describe myself is patient, understanding and passionate. I identify as Chicano, and a second generation bay area native.  As a Mental Health Navigator and Wellness Ambassador, I want to help the people that come to me get the resources that they need for their specific situation. One of my biggest beliefs in this field is that your mental health is affected by everything, including your lifestyle. So, I’m here to make sure that you have the resources outside of school to help that go as smoothly as possible. I speak conversational Spanish and am looking forward to working with the Laney community.

Christy Sangpolsit – (she/they)

I’m a Mental Health Navigator, Wellness Ambassador, and student at Laney College. I am currently majoring in Theatre, Psychology, Sociology, and Humanities. Other degrees I hope to complete include Asian American Studies, Mathematics, Art, Music, and Ethics.  I am ambitious and driven to learn about a variety of subjects in order to gain more knowledge and perspective, in order to know, understand and better myself and being able to help others in the way they need, and being a part of necessary change needed in our communities. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 10 and it has been a journey with a lot of coping and struggle as well as exploring and acceptance. During my time in college, I found that success and happiness, in any form, is dependent on mental health and it doesn’t have to be as exaggerated, outlandish, or painstaking as the media, or even people around you, makes it seem. As someone who has navigated and still is navigating through the system, I will help support you and help you get the resources you need, to the best of my ability.

GRADUATE TRAINEES interested in a field placement at Laney can learn more and find out more about our amazing Peralta Mental Health Training Institute HERE.



Download Resource sheet (PDF): Mental Health Resources


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