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Research Articles

Wellness Wednesdays: Improving Student Mindset~Increasing Success

Authors: Indra C. Thadani RN, MS; Loren Yglecias BA; Hana Lee BA.

Abstract: Stress experienced in college has been identified in multiple studies to impact a student’s academic success. Stress is even more significant a problem among high-risk students. This article describes a project, Wellness Wednesdays, that occurred in an inner city of Oakland, California at Laney College, a community college. This quality improvement project was monitored for three semesters with a total of 324 self-reported surveys on the impact of this wellness program. The results indicate a statistically valid improvement using the right-tailed z-test showing a change of 8.9% to 14.4%. The authors believe if more community colleges and universities utilized this model of wellness workshops, student academic success could be vastly improved.

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