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Journalism Courses

Journalism Courses

Journalism 18A / News Production I

Basics of reporting: news-gathering, interviewing, accuracy, note-taking and transcribing notes, writing the news story; the lede, the body, conclusion for bi-weekly newspaper. Includes practical experience in design/layout, visual, online, multimedia journalism and emerging technologies.
Recommended preparation: Journalism 21
Acceptable for credit: CSU
Note: Students who enroll in newspaper production must take 18A first in the 18ABCD sequence.


The Laney Tower has been published since 1952 and continues to win awards while covering the campus and the community. The Tower has recently published special issues on homelessness in Oakland, artists struggling to survive, and the Oakland A’s’ attempt to build a ballpark in the Laney community. The Tower is both print and online at medium.com/laney-tower.

Click here to see a video on Tower newsroom activity.


Journalism 18B / News Production II

Intermediate level reporting, photography, and production skills required for work on the campus newspaper: Computer applications for writing stories, desktop publishing, and photographic images. Includes practical experience in design/layout, visual, online, multimedia journalism, emerging technologies and leadership/management.

Journalism 18C / News Production III

Journalism 18D / News Production IV

4 Units

Journalism 21 / News Writing

Introduction to evaluating, gathering and writing news in accepted journalistic style: Feature and opinion writing emphasizing expository writing, logic, critical thinking, and points of view; role of the reporter, and legal and ethical issues related to newspaper writing.
Acceptable for credit: CSU, UC

3 Units

Journalism 62 / Survey of Mass Media

Survey of traditional and non-traditional mass media in America: Impact of mass media trends and technology into the 21st century; critical analysis of media messages and examination of mass media from historical, political, social, and cultural perspectives.
(Not open for credit to students who have completed or are currently enrolled in COMM 19.)
AA/AS area 2, 4d; CSU area D; IGETC area 4 (C-ID: JOUR 100)
Acceptable for credit: CSU, UC

3 Units

Journalism 69 / Multimedia Reporting for Journalists

Introduction to multimedia storytelling in Journalism: Use of video, photos, audio, and text to convey interactive news and feature stories through the Internet and other electronic media; techniques in digital research, critical thinking, and synthesis.

3 Units