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Library Information Studies (LIS)

Now offering: Research Skills Certificate (Certificate of Competency)

A free, non-credit certificate of competency

Online, self-paced, 3 courses (LIS 511, LIS 512 & LIS 513)

Option to meet with librarian for supplemental instruction

Take one course, or complete all three courses to receive a non-credit Research Skills Certificate of Competency

About the Certificate

Research Skills Certificate of Competency (Non-Credit)

The Certificate of Competency in Research Skills is designed to provide students with a foundation in information literacy, critical thinking, ethical use of information, and research. This certificate is intended to improve the research and information literacy skills of students desiring to increase their capacity for pursuing college- level coursework, gaining employment in today’s digital workforce, and community engagement. Students enrolled in the Research Skills program may use the certification as a means of providing college instructors and employers evidence of their ability to find, evaluate, and use credible and relevant information in an ethical manner.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Apply information literacy skills to academic, professional, and personal life.
  2. Analyze, synthesize, and apply information practically and ethically.

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