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If you are looking to enroll in a math course this summer, please contact your instructor about the format of the course you would like to take, once scheduling becomes available.  The summer courses will remain online.We remain uncertain about whether courses for the fall semester will be held online OR face to face OR a combination.  Those that are held online may be offered in different ways – some will be synchronous (with set day/time meetings) and some will be held in an asynchronous format (where you can do work on your own time, without set class meetings).  We are committed to making sure the course set up is explained in the schedule of classes for fall 2021.

Learn from instructor Kyla Oh about what career opportunities exist based on Mathematics:


The Mathematics Department offers a rich curriculum to meet the diverse needs of students at Laney College. Our course offerings include those transferable to four- year colleges/universities, those tailored for programs in career and technical education, along with those designed to help students strengthen their basic skills.

Find out what instructor Kathy Williamson has to say about Grants related to advances in our Mathematics curriculum:


The department chair is David Ross ( The Lab Tech currently is Ronald Asseko Messa.  To reach the Math Lab by phone, please call 510-464-3448.

Explore what David has to say about the two degrees in Mathematics offered at Laney:


Learn how Assembly Bill 705 helps students achieve their academic goals more quickly

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The Laney College Mathematics Department cares deeply about the well-being and success of our students, and we want to provide the most supportive environment we can for learning and growth. We encourage students who encounter discrimination in any form to contact the department and administration.