French SLOs


Soyez bienvenus au monde francophone!



Dr. Zujian Zhang, Ph.D.                  (510)464-3200(0)

 Prof. Zujian Zhang has a Ph.D. in French from Penn State in 1993, and a M.A. in French from Beijing University.  He has been teaching French at Laney since Fall 2001.  Dr. Zhang has 20 years of teaching experience in French and Mandarin.  The institutions where he taught before include Beijing University, Penn State, Hope College, Phillips University, CSU-Hayward, SFSU, UC-Berkeley and the Ecole Normale Sup閞ieure in Paris (1994-1996).  He has published several books and articles in linguistics and other related fields.


Dr. Jacqueline Klaasen, Ph.D.

Dr. Klaasen has a B.A. in French and German from the University of Southampton, U.K. and an M.A. and Ph.D. in French from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She currently teaches French at Laney College and City College of San Francisco as well as German at Acalanes Adult Center, Walnut Creek. She has taught French at Laney College since 1999.