Explore the Japanese language and culture with us!


Akemi Uchima-Decena

Akemi is a native of Tokyo, Japan. She has taught Japanese in the Bay Area for more than twenty years. Akemi’s passion is to teach Japanese to the students who want to learn this language. She graduated with a Political Science degree from Western College at Miami University of Ohio, and holds an MA in Teaching Japanese from San Francisco State University



Satoko Piett

 Satoko Piett, born in Osaka, Japan and graduated from San Francisco State University. Her hobbies are singing and enjoying operas and music in general.  Her family lives in Nara, Japan.  When she goes back to Japan, she enjoys Japanese food and reunion with her friends. She lives in San Francisco. 



Yoko Shioiri-Clark


  •  B.A., 1966, Osaka University (Japan)
  • B.A., 1975, California State University-East Bay
  • M.A., 1981, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Yoko Shioiri-Clark has been teaching Japanese at Laney College for 10 years.  She teaches Japanese 1A and 50A.  She is the author of the Japanese textbook “Learn Japanese through Action: Tom’s Adventures,” (McGraw-Hill, 1988) which is used in Japanese 1A.  She believes in making learning Japanese fun, relaxed, playful, and effective.

Ms. Clark has been a member of the Northern Californian Japanese Teachers Association for the past decade and has served as Treasure and Community College Representative.  She is also the Liaison Officer for the Foreign Language Association of Northern California.

She loves to read, play the violin and is currently learning Arabic.  She lives with her family in Berkeley.