Online Courses


In support of our students who prefer them, we will continue to offer some fine online classes. These two class are particularly effective in the online venue:

P25: Looking at Images: History and Aesthetics of Photography

Not your traditional History class. P25 does progress from photography’s roots in the early 19th century but not through a narrow textual approach. Students will create images with their phone camera or other capture devices in the style of particular eras in the development of photographic imaging. The class is a popular destination for both photo students and students from outside the discipline as an image-oriented way to learn history.

P30: Photographic Art and Design 

It’s one thing to take or view pictures. Yet there is so much more to communicating with images. You will learn about composition through understanding line, framing, the effects of color and contrast, even topical focus. Open to all students, they will create images with their phone camera or other capture devices. P30 is another one of those classes that attracts all sort of students wanting to take an interesting elective. It is especially enriching to students in disciplines who must express their ideas in 2 dimensions.