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Laney College

Photography Facilities

Photography Facilities

The Laney College Photography Department’s digital lab, film lab,and studio offer students access to a wide range of assignments and equipment which gives them the opportunity to learn the complete photographic process.


Digital Lab

The digital lab is equipped with eight Mac Pro workstations (with more on the way!). We have two Epson photo printers, a MicroTek flatbed scanner and Nikon film scanner (transparency, strip, and medium format) as well as various accessories and software including Adobe CS6, Lightroom, Photoshop. Additionally 2 Mac laptops are used in some classes for tether and projection with 3 iPads for Wifi connection to Canon cameras. Numerous Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras with lenses, radio remotes, and dedicated on camera flashes.


Film Lab

There are seven 35mm film loading rooms and one dedicated 4×5 room equipped with 3.5 gallon tanks. Film can be dried in a hot air cabinet or in static-free cabinets. The B&W lab has a 4 sink, 18-station print room utilizing digitally-timed enlargers and an adjacent room offers wheelchair accessible enlargers. Two 26×30 print washers allow simultaneous washing of both RC and fiber-based prints and larger prints are possible in a separate room dedicated to that purpose. Fiber prints are dried on a 20″ drum drier, RC prints are dried in an apron fed hot air unit. Additionally, there are multiple light tables, individual darkrooms for special projects, a cold and hot press for dry mounting, and much more.



The 1800 sq. ft. studio is equipped to handle virtually any project a student might desire to photograph. In addition to a variety of Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras and lenses we also have ten Calumet/Cambo view cameras.  We have a wide selection of equipment including: light and color meters, tripods and many other accessories. Lighting equipment includes an array of strobes & power packs, hot lights, keg lights, spots, floods, supported by booms, grip, and a variety of soft boxes, honeycombs, barn doors, scrims, reflectors, and more.