The Pro Cluster

What is the Pro Cluster?

This cohort represents a grouping of our most dynamic shooting courses, serving working shooters and our more advanced students. It focuses on professional levels of performance: shoot management, studio and lighting gear, set-up, capture, strike, process, and delivery. Presenting all of the Pro Lighting classes at once on Wednesday evening allows more students the opportunity to work large sets and shoots. Training in parallel, studio swapping, and shooting jointly builds bonds across the sections over time. So, key to success is the dedication of your time.

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P74, the most introductory of the Cluster taught by Professor Mejia, splits off from Photo 75/76, which is woven together by Professor Avery to express their team projects.  The studio is shared by the Mejia and Avery sections, leapfrogging from studio to location as needed.

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All classes take place in room A-178

Photo 74

P74 peels off with Professor Mejia to experience its own curriculum. It picks up where P71 (the class prerequisite) left off. Initial sessions let all shooters get up to speed, specifically designed to establish and strengthen foundations. From there you will develop principles of effective capture, teamwork, and administrative behaviors. Working with available, continuous, on-camera flash, and strobe light sources, you will learn to manage light direction and shaping, coloring and balancing light, and  the proper handling of studio equipment. Importantly, it will shape skills fundamental to success in P75/76.

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Photo 75 & 76

Professor Avery’s P75/76 sections are pooled, with the P76 students taking more directive roles, P75s will continue to develop from their P74 (the prerequisite for P75) foundations. 75/76 sections will work together on a variety of sets, in studio and on location, through a range of lighting schemes and time demands. Light sources will be mixed, increase in number, and location sets will become more elaborate. Shooters will find themselves supporting different departments around campus like Theater or Cosmetology. The pace is higher than P74 and we’ve found that even skilled shooters from outside the program may find themselves better off with a semester of 74 under their belts before engaging this section..


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The Power of Sharing

Throughout the semester the Pro Cluster will come together to produce larger shared shoots. These are big productions with many shot in lighting schemes built by the P74 class. Recently we’ve had Anime, dance, yoga, cosmetology, and theater. We shoot in teams so everyone gets a chance.

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In the end what we have is, not only a well-shaped and directed curriculum, but a community of positive and supportive creatives.

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These photographers, pros or just interested shooters, tend to take multiple semesters of the advanced sections. On Wednesday nights our studio becomes a destination, a place to go where you get to be with people you enjoy while you learn new things. Do you have something better to do Wednesday nights??