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Limiting Reagent Dry Labs/Handouts

Limiting reagent I:

In this handout, you will graph a limiting reagent experiment.  The information will go into your lab book in an organized fashion.  In part 3 of the handout, please put any final answers in boxes.

  1. Pre-post lab instructions for organizing the lab and turning in the lab 2) Pre:post-llab LR
  2. Pdf version Instructions 1) LR-graphing-dry-lab
  3. Word doc version Graphing limiting reagent reactions I:1) LR-graphing-dry-lab
  4. Dry Lab report sheet Pdf: LR I report sheet part 3) LR I report sheet part 3
  5. Dry Lab report sheet Word: Dry Lab report sheet I: 3) LR I report sheet part 3

Limiting reagent II:

This problem set presents limiting reagent problems using solutions and gases as reagents.