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CONNECT GLOBALLY & TRANSFORM! Our Study Abroad London Program offers a unique experience for participating students, faculty, community, and host-country partners that will surely be extraordinary and life-altering.

Laney College Study Abroad Program 2023

LONDON: THE CITY EXPERIENCE Approved Spring 2023!!!

Our Study Abroad Program has been approved for travel. . .

We are excited to begin planning our return to London at the end of the Spring Semester 2023!!!

Stay Tuned for Program Information and Orientation Coming at the end of Spring Semester/Summer 2022′


Get a head start for Laney Cosmo Study Abroad 2023!

Apply for Study Abroad Scholarships:

Toni & Guy London Academy Foundations of HairCutting Class 2019 


Sophia Hilton & Not Another Academy “The Perfect Bleed” Course

Charlotte Mensah Natural HairCare & African Braiding workshop 2019

A little fun in London 2019 with Yeybi ;-D!!!

Alum @inchesbyarlo sportin’ that London look 2019

Alum @d.pretty.g and a little photo booth fun London 2019

Alum Brandy Watson proudly showin’ that angled bob & baby fringe cut at Toni & Guy London Academy 2019

Alum Yeybi gets a little one-on-one at Toni & Guy London Academy 2019

Alum Shannon concentrating on that cut Toni & Guy London Academy 2019

Peralta Study Abroad Program Director Drew Gephart gets cut up by world-renowned Toni & Guy artist @dexterdapper 

A very special shout-out from @sophiahilton Not Another Academy London 2019

Demonstration model finale’ at Toni & Guy London Academy 2019

Girls just wanna have fun ;-D Miss P having a little moment in London . . . reflecting on the program’s success and the blessings that brought us here across the pond!

That Shake Shack London 2019 ;-D!!!

Charlotte Mensah braiding demo London 2019

Me and Lou shoutin’ out Study Abroad during a Peralta Community College International Office Radio Podcast hosted by Drew Gephart ;-D!!!

Yoshi’s Study Abroad Fundraising event 2019

Louis Goltz (Staff), London: Not everyone has the opportunity to go work with the people who inspired them growing up. My mission was to take these people to get experience – this is a gift I wanted to give to the community.


Cosmetology in London (Petra Maria) – Laney College Cosmo Study Abroad (Spring Intersession 2021)

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