Laney College Asian and Asian American Studies

Asian & Asian American Studies (AAAS)


The Asian and Asian American Studies Program includes courses concentrating on Asia as well as courses concerning Asian peoples and Asian Americans in the Americas. Historical, sociological, psychological, and aesthetic perspectives are utilized in these courses in order to provide a broad understanding of this diverse area of the world and the dynamic peoples who live there and trace their ancestry to that region.

AAAS offers introductory and survey courses that are all transferable to the CSU and the UC. The courses meet IGETC requirements and fulfill GEs for the AA degree.

Asian and Asian American Studies (AAAS) provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the historical and current experiences of Asian Pacific Americans. It is an academic program and a major for the Associate Arts (AA) degree in the Ethnic Studies Department.

…history has determined our lives, and we must…work hard for what we believe to be the right thing…life is something we borrow and must give back richer when the time comes.” – Carlos Bulosan

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Evaluate the development of the field of Asian American Studies, and utilize research methodologies and scholarship within the field to produce research papers.
  2. Effectively employ social science methodologies in the analysis of issues related to Asian American Studies
  3. Identify, and describe, the general history of Asian American people in the U.S.

Program is geared in future careers in Teaching, Social Work, Public Health, Community Organizing, as well as working in higher education or graduate school.

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