CalWORKs Workshops

Personal & Professional Development

Trauma informed Management, with Candise Valenzuela


Student’s are able to think about how to manage stress and interactions with faculty and staff as well as ways to manage home stress and interactions with their children.

Nutrition Workshop with Denisha Blake

Student’s learned how to make vegetarian dishes with basic household items to boost immune system, support body and mind function.

Staying healthy during COVID 19 with Nathaly Sanchez

The bootie pumpkin spice workout workshop was one of our most popular this semester! Student’s learned a quick 10 minute exercise routine that they can fit into their busy schedules.


Feature Workshop: Resume Building with a Tech Recruiter


Our feature workshop that is closely aligned to our guided pathway in the CalWORKs program is the resume workshop. Student’s were able to get tips and pointer’s on their resume’s and resume drafts. They were also connected to free resources with templates for an updated resume.


Budgeting with an MBA workshop w/ Nathaly Sanchez, student’s learned tips for keeping and building a credit score, the importance of cutting corners to save and developing budget management even with a small income.