CIS Open Lab

CIS Open Lab & Tutoring

CIS Open Lab is held when the computer labs are not in use for classes MONDAY-FRIDAY 9:30am-2:30pm. These times may vary from day to day, five days of the week, but it allows students time to use computers during school hours for research and homework.


Tutoring is limited but some CIS services are available in-person (CIS 5 and CIS 6, Tuesday mornings 9:30am-12pm in G273). Please ask the lab staff about CIS tutoring in general, or email the tutoring manager Jennifer Gerry for more information and any questions.

Courtesy Expectations

To support the educational opportunities provided, we ask that:

  • You do not bring bicycles, food, drink, or gum into the facility.
  • You turn off your cell phones when you are in the building.
  • You do not log into more than one computer at a time.
  • You log off when you leave.
  • You take all your belongings and roll the chair under the desk.
  • You limit your printer to 15 pages a day. If you must exceed 15 pages, please contact a staff member.
  • You do not play games (unless specifically assigned by an instructor).
  • You do not introduce viruses.
  • You do not illegally download software.
  • You do not violate copyright laws.
  • You do not use the equipment for financial gain.
  • You do not use the technology to shop or gamble on-line.
  • You do not use internet chatting software.
  • You may use the facility for e-mail and web surfing. However, you will be limited to ten minutes. Furthermore, you may be asked to leave your station if another student needs the computer for an educational purpose.

Those not meeting these expectations may be asked to leave the Center and future use of the facility may be denied. The staff is here to assist you. If you have questions or need help, please ask.