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Layoffs and Budget Cuts 2010-2011

Layoffs and Budget Cuts 2010-2011

At the Board of Trustees meeting on April 12th, 2011, 10 Classified positions were approved by the Board to be eliminated or reduced from 12 to 10 months. View the list of positions here:

Layoff List_4.12.11

In the past year and half we have lost over 20 full-time classified positions at Peralta due to early retirement or positions being eliminated. It is clear that Classified staff are bearing the majority of these cutbacks. The Classified Senate, working with SEIU 1021 will continue to advocate for a shared approach to reductions, an approach that includes contributions from faculty and administration and not just the Classified staff.


Get involved. Go to the next Chapter meeting (see Calendar page on this web site) and sign up for the Informational Picket and other activities. Read more about that here:

Info Picket_4.26.11

After the picket, SEIU members will rally at the Board meeting at College of Alameda, click here for more info:

Member Rally_4.26.11


The coming year will be decisive. The Classified Senate is holding workshops, increasing collaborations with students and faculty, and most importantly reaching out to all full-time and hourly staff to build awareness and participation in the decision-making process. We encourage Classified staff to get involved in shared governance at their college site, and to attend union chapter meetings to stay on top of the latest developments.


Board Policy/Administrative Policy Change Efforts: Ongoing

BOARD POLICY 1.18 – Management Hiring Committees

ADMINSTRATIVE PROCEDURE 1.18 – Management Hiring Procedures

Prior to 2004, management hiring committees included a classified representative from the senate and the two unions, Local 1021 and 39. In 2004 this policy was changed, reducing classified representation on hiring committees from 3 to 1. In order to restore the practice of shared governance in hiring at the Peralta Community College District, the Laney College classified senate has prioritized the re-establishment of appropriate classified staff representation on management hiring committees.

In 2008 the classified senate created a proposal to amend Administrative Procedure 1.18 to include a classified staff representative from SEIU local 1021, Local 39, and the classified senate of the college in question. For comparison, faculty are generally represented by at least 3 representatives on management hiring committees. This effort is ongoing and was recently addressed at the Policy Review Committee meeting on 3/25/2010.


The Budget Crisis: What is the classified senate role?

Shared governance committees such as Laney College’s Budget Advisory Committee meet throughout the year to review data and make recommendations to the College President. Shared governance committees have a membership which includes a varying number of Classified Staff, generally those individuals are appointed by the Classified Senate President.

The two unions representing Classified staff (Local 39 and Local 1021) handle all issues relating to collective bargaining (your union contract). This includes wages, working hours, benefits, etc. The Classified Senate is involved in governance which in the case of the Budget Advisory Committee could include making recommendations for areas to reduce spending, or identifying priorities in the budget that should not be reduced.

The role of the Classified staff who serve on these committees is to represent the priorities and concerns of Classified staff as recommendations for action are being discussed. This is an important link in the decision-making process of the district, and we encourage all Classified staff with an interest in areas such as Technology, Budget, Health, Facilities to explore the possibility of serving on a shared governance committee.

Come to the next meeting, find out more!