Cosmetology Program Pathway

Cosmetology Program Pathway

NOTE: Laney Cosmetology Department is located on the Laney College Campus in Oakland, California (B-100).


Cosmetology Course Pathway –  Certificate of Achievement

Completion of : 50 -51 units  and 1600 clock hours . Eligible for Cosmetology licensing exam

First semester  class course numbers :  210  210L  211 212  213 214  215

15-17 units

Second semester class course numbers:   220  220L 221 222 223 224 225  200

17-19 units

Third semester   class course numbers  :  230  230L  231  232  233  234 235 200    17-19 units

Fourth semester class course numbers   ( required for evening class students ) 240LE  5 units

Associate of Arts Degree in Cosmetology can be earned after completing Certificate of Achievement  in Cosmetology . For the A.A. degree 19 units of general education must be completed. General education units must be attained from several different general education areas. Please refer to the College Catalog for associate degree requirements. Please meet with a Laney College counselor for additional guidance.

Course fees

  1. Unit cost  $46 per unit
  2. Cosmetology kit  , books, supplies    estimated cost  1,500
  3. Uniform    estimated  $100
  4. Student campus fees   estimated  cost $70


  • For information about the cosmetology program contact :

Ms. Carpenter :LCarpenter@

Ms. Simmons Thomas -Windham:

Ms Christal :

Laney Cosmetology Department: 510-464-3285.

NOTE: Laney Cosmetology Department is located on the Laney College Campus , B building room 100 .

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Peralta News – Cosmetology at Laney College

Go to Laney College for a new makeover! These talented students are making waves in the Cosmetology Department under the guidance of great experienced instructors . From make-up to hair to nails, the Laney College Cosmetology Program will train you to bring out the beauty in anyone. The certificate program also prepares students to pass the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology License Exam.

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