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Cosmetology Study Abroad

Cosmetology Study Abroad

Laney Cosmetology Study Abroad: 2020

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Activities from 2019:

London’s Men’s Fashion Week

Hop-On-Hop Off Double Decker Bus Tour

Tony & Guy Academy

London’s Graduate Fashion Week

Charlotte Mensah

Del Mar Academy

Not Another Salon

Purposed for 2020

Toni & Guy Academy / or Tigi Studio


Laney Cosmetology Study Abroad: London 2020 Brochure Coming Soon!)

May 30 – June 11, 2020

Orientation Meeting at Laney College in the Cosmetology Department (TBA):

900 Fallon Street, B-100

Oakland, CA 94607

Cosmetology in London (Petra Maria) – Laney College Cosmo Study Abroad (Spring/Summer 2020)

Mrs. Petra Maria, Director of Global Education – Laney Cosmo Study Abroad

petramaria@sbcglobal.net     Follow on Instagram: LaneyCosmoCorner

Mr. Louis Goltz, Co-Director of Global Education – Laney Cosmo Study Abroad

lgoltz@peralta.edu    Follow on Facebook: @LaneyCosmoCorner


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Cosmetology Study Abroad 6/17: Success!