Laney Cosmo Licensees & Alums

Congratulations to our licensed Cosmetologist & Program Alumni. We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments as you go out to rock the Cosmo World and live your best lives!


Jay Torre (Stylist)

Allie J (Stylist/Freelance Artist-NewYork)

Blanca Marin (Stylist/Colorist)


Collette Husher (Stylist/Colorist)


Sohea Hyun (Balayage & Color Corrections Specialist/Salon Owner)


Megan Strait

Isabel (Stylist)

Janny (Freelance Hair & MakeUp Artist) 

Erica Pastenes (Stylist)

Tammy Dash (Color & Balayage Specialist)

LaShaunda Peters (Stylist)

Nelly Chavez (Stylist)

Sora Oh (HairCutting/Colorist/Chemical Texture Services)

Michaela Fountila (Braiding/Natural Texture Specialist)

Maria Saenz (MakeUp/Styling/Beauty Blogger)

Tye (Beauty Blogger/MakeUp/Stylist)

Dionna Richarson (Natural HairCare Stylist/Braider)

Lalita Bock (Stylist/Colorist)

Emma Edgerly-Johnson (Stylist)

Mayra Aguiar (Professional Freelance Hair/MakeUp/Styling)

Porch — Pbutta (Salon Owner/Texture Specialist/Colorist)

Sarah Marchello (HairCutting/Coloring/Styling)

Consuelo T lopez (Professional Freelance Artist/Educator/Stylist)


Anna Yee (HairCutting/Coloring/Styling)

Alicia Vidovich (HairCutting/Coloring/Styling)

Scarlett Pearl (Natural Texture Specialist/HairCutting/Coloring)

Yeybi Pablo (Stylist)

Nichole Makeup (Beauty Blogger/MakeUp/Stylist)

Hair By Lexi (HairCutting/Coloring)

Tabitha Umunna (Stylist)

Chelsea Huey (Beauty Blogger/MakeUp/Stylist/Business Owner)

Neiman West (HairStylist)

Porsche J (Stylist/Extension & Silk Press Specialist)

Ciera Rico-Parker (Stylist)

Marissa Vera (Nail Technician/Nail Educator)

Carla Kerulis (Stylist)

Rika Hunter — Braid Bar & Beauty (Natural Hair Specialist/Braiding/Salon & Beauty Supply Owner)

Emily Chavez (HairCutting & Color Specialist)

JessCutsHair (HairStylist/Cutting & Color)

Scoots — GlamaRama Salon (Salon Owner/Stylist/Cutting & Coloring)

Gunner Conway-Davenport (Salon Owner/Barber/HairCutting)

Otavia Ngay (Stylist)

Eric Allen Hair (HirCutting/Colorist/Salon Owner-Berkely)

Verdi (Salon Owner/Stylist/Cut/Color/MakeUp-Tacoma, Washington)

Lorelle Graffeo (HairCutting/Coloring/Avantgarde Hair Enthusiast)

Christopher Pham (Stylist/MakeUp/Freelance)

KennyMinaj (Stylist/Entrepreneur/Texture Specialist)

Janeise Alexander (Beauty Blogger/Stylist-Texas)