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Laney College

Biology Department

I teach biomanufacturing full-time at Laney College. My email is dbruce@peralta.edu. You can also connect with me via LinkedIn and Twitter.

Go to https://laney.edu/biomanufacturing/ for more information about the biomanufacturing program.

Want to know what Laney students do with biomanufacturing?

Watch this interview of two graduates, Robert Tracy and Lindsay Planell. Robert Tracy works at Thermo Fisher (formerly Life Technologies) in oligo synthesis and Lindsay works at BioMarin in cell culture.

Solano Community College in Fairfield offers a Bachelor’s degree in biomanufacturing! Check out the program webpage here. The A.S. biomanufacturing degree at Laney transfers to Solano. So, that’s a four-year degree at community college prices!

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The Biology Department homepage has additional information about classes in biology offered at Laney, as well as links to scholarship and professional school resources.